Chögyal Namkhai Norbu: Guru Jnanadakini Thugthig: Essential instructions

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Chögyal Namkhai Norbu: Guru Jnanadakini Thugthig: Essential instructions


This book is intended only for those who have received the related transmissions of the teaching from the Master.

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These essential instructions, composed of the words of the Master, serve as a practical guide for the short and medium versions of the practice of the Longsal Thugthig of Jnanadakini. The text is a compilation of passages explicitly relating to the practice, taken from transcriptions of retreats in Crimea (2005), at Merigar (2005), and at Namgyalgar (2009) as well as from the root text revealed in dreams of the Master (Longsal Teachings, vol. VII), with the source of each passage clearly identified. In some instances, different passages on the same aspect of the practice have been presented so the reader can benefit from a comparison of the various nuances of the teaching transmitted by the Master at different retreats. Extensive notes, also based on words of the Master, clarify fundamental concepts and convey a deeper understanding of details of the practice. The practice text itself, with drawings and color images illustrating the visualizations and mudras, is included in a separate section of the book.

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